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A crew of NASA astronauts and the Moon Express crew on the Moon will spend the first few days of their mission trying to get a sample of the Moon’s surface.

But they are going to do it in a way that won’t kill the sample.

Instead, they will attempt to remove it from the Moon with the moon gravity, then vacuum-seal it inside a vacuum chamber.

“There is no known way to remove a sample from the lunar surface and then vacuum seal it inside the spacecraft,” said NASA’s Jim Green.

The team of about 60 scientists, engineers and astronauts, including six former Apollo astronauts, is scheduled to spend at least the first two days on the lunar landscape.

“It is not something we’ve seen before,” Green said.

“The surface of the lunar crater is not dry, and the surface is actually much warmer than we’ve ever seen.

There are a lot of features we are going look at.”

But it is also not an environment that is hospitable to the life forms that inhabit the Moon, according to Green.

“If we were going to try to get an Earth-like environment, we wouldn’t have a chance to get those microbes,” Green explained.

The lunar surface is extremely dry, with temperatures of minus 212 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 176 degrees Celsius) in the southern hemisphere.

And, as a result, the team has no chance of getting an Earthlike environment from the Earth-moon collision in the past.

This isn’t to say that it isn’t an ideal environment.

“On the Earth, we have a lot to look forward to.

We’ve got plenty of sunlight, a lot in the atmosphere, water vapor, clouds and so on,” said Green.

But the team is not planning on using anything but the spacecraft’s instruments, which will include a spectrometer, a gamma ray spectrometry (GRaSS) and a water-resistance and thermal imaging spectromete.

The spectrometers are used to monitor how much water vapor and dust is in the lunar atmosphere.

GRaSS will be used to measure the amount of water vapor that the Moon is losing as the spacecraft approaches the surface.

The thermal imaging is used to look at how much heat is coming off the surface of a sample and how it is reacting with the lunar crust and atmosphere.

“These instruments will be looking at all of the different things we need to do in the mission, to find out what is happening to the sample, what is going on inside the sample and the sample surface,” Green told ABC News.

“We’ll be using the instruments to look for these different types of chemical reactions, as well as look at things that are really, really important for the future of human exploration.”


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