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Posted June 16, 2019 06:57:59 In a speech on Friday, Health Minister Greg Hunt said the “challenges” facing the Australian health system are not unique to Australia.

“The challenge we face is that we don’t know where to go next,” Mr Hunt said.

He added that “the health system is changing too quickly, and we need to prepare for that”.

Health Minister Scott Morrison says there is a “huge opportunity” for Australia’s health system to evolve with technology.

He also says there are many lessons learned from previous systems and “many, many things to learn”.

Mr Hunt also spoke about the “vital role” of the Health Information and Dissemination Act (HIDEA) in establishing the health system.

“We are committed to the HIDEA, it’s the foundation of our health system, but we are also committed to doing a lot more to make sure that we are prepared for what comes in the future,” he said.

“I want to emphasise that we’re not talking about the health of a few hundred thousand people.

We are talking about tens of millions of people who are going to need a lot of information to make decisions and make decisions about health.”

The Health Information Act, passed in March 2019, is the framework for how the health service collects and distributes information about the people, places, services and products they use.

Mr Hunt spoke about its importance in establishing a system that could not only ensure people’s health, but that it could also help people get better.

Mr Morrison said HIDA had a “massive” role to play in ensuring that Australia was “ready for a new era of health and wellbeing”.

“It’s important to remember that this is the first big step in a whole new era in health and well-being,” Mr Morrison told the ABC.

“This is the system that has been created and it’s going to be the system for years to come.”

Mr Hunt confirmed that the Government would continue to work closely with the States and Territories in developing their own health information systems.

“Our role will be to make the best use of the HIDs in a way that’s efficient, secure, affordable and accountable,” he told the forum.

“HIDs are designed to deliver information to health practitioners and patients, to make better decisions for people and to deliver quality health outcomes for Australians.”

Mr Morrison also spoke of the importance of a strong national health strategy and a shared vision of health.

He said that Australia’s national health agenda was “not just about a big plan and a big budget”.

“I think that we can all agree that there’s a big, big opportunity to make this country the best place to live in the world.”

“I’ve been here in a number of ways.

I’m going to continue to go in my own way.”

He also spoke in terms of a future health system with a “global approach” that would be built around a “broad set of technologies” that could support Australia’s global health efforts.

“There are many things we can do.

We can move away from the idea of just trying to build the system, build the technology, build it up and try and make sure we’ve got the best health system possible,” he added.

“In terms of what we do to make it as efficient and as secure as possible, that’s a challenge that’s been very much around for many years.”


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