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A group of Canadian doctors are taking a novel approach to controlling a potentially deadly outbreak in their country.

They’re giving patients antibiotics and using a vaccine to limit the spread of the disease in a crowded hospital setting.

The group has been working for a year to develop an immune response against the virus.

The treatment is the latest in a series of innovative approaches to combat the spread and prevent a deadly coronavirus outbreak.

“I think it’s a very exciting, new approach,” said Dr. Peter Roussel, an infectious disease expert at the University of Ottawa.

“It’s really exciting because we’re seeing some really important advances in the ability to control the virus in hospitals, and we have an opportunity to really bring our patients back into our community.”

The group, which includes specialists from the University Health Network, has been testing and refining their immunotherapy, which involves injecting a vaccine into the blood stream of healthy volunteers.

This type of immunotherapy has only been used in people with severe acute coronaviruses like coronaviral encephalitis, or COVID-19, but Roussels team hopes this approach can be used in many of the same patients.

Roussels team has been injecting a drug called ABL1 into the bloodstream of patients with mild coronavuritis and is now testing the efficacy of their immunization.

The drug blocks a protein that triggers an immune reaction in the body that causes inflammation and can also block the production of an enzyme called COVID1.

The researchers hope the immunotherapy will stop the virus from moving to the lungs.

The vaccine is currently being administered to people who have been treated with antibiotics and who have had their infections treated with an anti-COVID-1 drug.

Patients receiving the vaccine are then given a cocktail of anti-viral drugs, including two vaccines from Roussell’s team.

The drugs are meant to stop the production and release of COVID proteins, which can then spread to the immune system and cause the disease.

“We have a vaccine that stops this process,” said Roussemel.

“So we’re going to see that we’re very successful in this, and I think it shows a lot of promise.”

Rousscheels team is working with the university and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to test their vaccine in people.

In the interim, Rousser’s team is also working to get approval for another vaccine from the government of Canada.

This will allow for the delivery of the vaccine to the population, but the team is keeping the vaccines safety and efficacy under wraps.

The team has also been testing the immunization to see if it has any side effects.

While the vaccine has not yet been tested in people, the team has conducted a series that found no side effects in people who were vaccinated and who had severe coronavivirus infections.

It also found that the vaccine did not increase the risk of getting a severe COVID infection.

The results of this trial are not yet available.

“The vaccine is going to be a major milestone for us, because we are able to really control the coronavovirus, but it’s not going to change the reality,” said Mariam Farah, one of the team’s co-authors.

“This vaccine is really very safe, very effective, and that’s why we are really excited to have this vaccine on the market.”

The Canadian government has said it will phase out all of its COVID drugs by the end of the year.

Roses are falling on both sides of the Atlantic as people return to the workplace after spending the past few months in hospitals.

The virus is still present in the population in the U.S., Canada and parts of Africa, but in some regions the virus has been eradicated.


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