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By Mike BohnESPN StaffThe first time I saw the first symptoms of granuloma, I thought it was a mild case.

It was the same size, but with different colors, and no fever.

But I did see an ultrasound, which indicated there were three other tumors, and my doctor thought that was the most serious.

He sent me home to stay with family in the Dominican Republic and I got the news the next day that I had granulomas.

I went into surgery the next week and a day after that I was diagnosed with granulomere sarcoma, a type of granular tumor.

It took a month for the doctors to realize it was not a serious, but a life-threatening tumor.

I was told to stay home, but I stayed with my parents, who were doctors, because I had a good chance of surviving the disease.

I could have died in the hospital, but the doctors were very careful to let me stay home.

The only reason I was there was to make sure I was getting the best care possible.

It has been a year and a half since my first diagnosis, and it’s a very scary time for me.

I have to have a lot of time to reflect on what happened and what I’ve learned.

My treatment has been very different than what I would have received had I not had Granuloma.

The doctors in our office would tell me, “I don’t want to put you in isolation, but if you do need surgery, I would like to see you have it done.”

I’d say, “No problem.”

I don’t have a medical background, but they would give me the option to go in for surgery.

I knew that I needed to be treated as soon as possible, and the surgery was going to be the first step.

The doctors said that there was no way I could survive without surgery, and I was going home the day after my surgery.

They said they had to make the best decision for my health.

I had to go back to work immediately.

It was a big learning experience for me, but it was also a great experience for the patients.

I realized that the cancer was just too big and that they needed to see me as soon they could.

I’ve learned so much from my parents.

I learned a lot from them, because they are very close-knit.

My mom has a really strong faith, and they are like a family.

The hardest thing was the time that my parents had to spend with my sisters, who are all girls and had to take care of me at school.

They have never had a family member who had a serious illness.

My sister had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was very sick.

They were just devastated.

My mother had to have surgery, because my sister was so sick.

She had surgery to remove one of her ovaries, but she had a second surgery, which was a lot more difficult.

The radiation did the damage.

I still have a scar from that surgery.

I learned a great deal from my surgeon.

He told me that he could not give me any radiation treatment, because it was too dangerous, but he said that he was going through a lot with the doctors and that I should have a bone marrow transplant.

That helped me heal.

I’m still not able to work because of the cancer, and so my mom takes care of the kids and I get to help my dad with the kids.

My sister is very supportive of me, and she knows that my dad is a very hard worker.

She’s also a very good teacher.

She has always wanted to be a doctor.

She said, “You have to learn to be very careful, because if you don’t learn to learn, you won’t survive.”

It has taught me that my family will be there for me through the worst of it.

It’s been a tough year, but that’s why I have so much faith.

I’ve been able to stay in touch with my sister and mom.

It’s nice to know that they are still there for their daughter, who is still in school and has friends.

It makes me want to continue to live life the way I want to.

My dad is always here, but now I have the opportunity to be with him.

I miss him so much.

I wish I could be a better dad.

I’m very thankful that I have a wonderful mom and a great dad.


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