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The lunar phase of the lunar cycle is on track to begin on August 10, 2019, and the lunar month of May will kick off on August 23, 2019.

The Moon is one of the seven planets of the solar system.

The phases of the Moon are also known as equinoxes.

The solstices and the ecliptic are named for their positions on the Moon’s equator.

This is also the phase of lunar eclipses.

Lunar eclipses are also considered the best way to see the Moon.

The Moon’s phases occur on the Earth’s northern hemisphere, where it is in the same plane as the Sun and Earth.

Moon phases can be seen from all parts of the world, from Alaska to Canada.

A full moon can be observed from the northernmost part of the United States and the southernmost parts of Canada, as well as Hawaii and parts of Africa.

The moon phases of August 9 to 13 are a full moon and eclipse, respectively.

A lunar eclipse can also be seen in northern parts of Japan.

It can be viewed from all around the country, but particularly in the northern parts.

The eclipse occurs between Aug. 6 and Aug. 13.

The full moon of August 10 can be a good time to view the Moon during eclipse season, said Jim Copley, an astronomer with the Lunar Eclipse Research Group at the University of Arizona.

He said that, at this time, the moon is about 25% illuminated and should be visible to the naked eye.

The full moon is also one of two solstimes in which the moon appears to be in phase with the Earth.

The phases of May and August are also good times to look at the Moon, according to the International Astronomical Union.

This month, May will mark the first full lunar eclipse since July 17, 2019 when the moon was directly overhead.

The total lunar eclipse is also a good way to get a clear view of the moon.


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