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Posted March 16, 2020 08:15:42In a paper released today, the Commonwealth Government has laid out a strategic approach to the national broadband network rollout and it’s called a ‘sustainable and equal’ NBN.

Key points:The Government has said the NBN will be “a national service”The Government’s policy will include the introduction of broadband in all households within six yearsThe Government says it will aim to achieve 100Mbps service within five yearsThe policy will ensure that “the cost of delivering a national broadband service is borne by all Australians”The policy includes a commitment to provide a “sustainable” NBN rollout and that “every Australian will benefit”The paper says it is “not feasible” to have a “broadband NBN” as it will require the use of a number of different technologies and will have “significant cost implications”.

But it says that a national fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) network is “the best path forward” because it “will deliver the full range of benefits of a broadband service” including “high-speed Internet, a high-capacity and reliable broadband network and a robust national supply chain”.

The policy outlines a “three-phase approach to rollout”, with the first phase to commence by 2022 and “the second phase to be completed by 2026”.

It says that the Government is committed to achieving 100Mbps download speeds by 2021 and 100Mbps upload speeds by 2025, with a goal of reaching 100Mbps downloads and 100Mbit/s uploads by 2023.

“There will be no changes to the NBN rollout for the next two years,” the Government said.

“The National Broadband Network (NBN) will be a national service.

The Government is determined to achieve the highest standards of service and performance for the NBN and all Australians, with the greatest possible benefits for the economy.”

What’s in the policy?

The policy sets out three phases to the rollout of the NBN, starting with the rollout phase of 2026.

Phase 1 is the rollout to all households in a 10-year period.

Phase 2 is the deployment phase to a total of 20 million homes, followed by phase 3, which will be the transition to fibre-optic broadband in 2020.

Phase 3 is the transition phase to fibre networks in all Australian homes.

The Government also commits to a target of providing “a comprehensive network portfolio and service mix that will deliver a national network of 100Mbps speed” in 2023, with an “equal opportunity for Australians” to access the NBN.

“In 2019, the NBN network will be delivered across the entire country, including new entrants to the market and existing entrants, to meet the needs of all Australians.

This includes rural and regional areas,” it said.

What’s the impact on business?

The plan also commits that the NBN would be “transparent, accountable and transparent to the community and to business”.

But, it says, there will be some “transitional requirements” which “will require the Government to work with the community in a way that minimises any disruption or disruption to businesses”.

The Government said it will not be able to achieve its 100Mbps target “without the participation of all businesses”.

“This includes businesses and non-profit organisations who wish to participate in the rollout and will be able provide feedback on the rollout,” it added.

What do the experts say?

A study by NBN Co, the national operator of the national fibre network, said the rollout was expected to take around 18 months to complete.

The study by Deloitte found that while the Coalition would not be “foolhardy” to get the rollout completed in time, the Government’s plan would “likely require a significant change to the way the NBN operates and the delivery of service to meet current and future demand”.

“The rollout would need to be significantly improved to meet future demand for faster and more reliable service,” it found.

“At this stage, the current state of affairs suggests that the Coalition’s plan may not be feasible.”



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