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The president’s response to the deadly ambush in Niger is a major step forward in ending the fight against terrorism, President Joe Biden said Tuesday, adding he was inspired by President Obama’s speech last week.

“I believe we’ve seen a huge step forward with this president’s address last week, in which he said he was proud of the country he represents, that he believed it was the best place in the world to live, and that the American people were going to do what they could to help us do that,” Biden said.

“And he was right.”

Biden also called on Congress to pass a measure to provide a path to citizenship for those in the U.S. illegally.

The House approved a bill in March that would grant citizenship to those who were in the country illegally as children, but it died in the Senate.

Biden made his comments at the National Defense University.

Bidens speech was largely on the president’s terms, in that he used his speech to say his administration would be taking “extraordinary steps” to protect American interests abroad and to prevent a terrorist attack.

He urged Congress to approve the House bill that would provide a pathway to citizenship to people who were born in the United States and to anyone who came to the U, including those who arrived by air.

Bids to renew passports would also be renewed, though the process would be delayed.BIDENS STATEMENT: The president said he would take action, including issuing visas, to ensure that we were as vigilant as possible and to ensure we were taking extraordinary steps to protect our interests abroad.

The president also reiterated his view that the terrorist threat is real and that we have to be very careful not to fall victim to the kind of political correctness that was prevalent in the past.

We have to make sure that we are taking extraordinary measures to ensure there are no Americans among us who could be the next shooters.BUSH STATEMENT ON HIS SELF-EQUIVOCATION PLAN: He said he has begun to outline steps he and his team are taking to address the challenges of a self-deportation system, including using technology to help deport people.

He said that as a result of that technology, he and the administration have already begun the process of determining how to create a legal path to deportation.

The president said that his administration will continue to work with Congress to ensure a path for people to have a pathway back to the United Kingdom, which he believes is the best option.

He noted that he was very impressed with the British government’s commitment to take a more humane approach to this issue.BUDGET: He outlined his fiscal plan that he hopes to pass in the coming weeks, including proposals to reduce spending, raise taxes, and boost infrastructure spending.

He also laid out his administration’s plan to cut back on unnecessary military spending, which includes eliminating all combat-related programs and a reduction in the size of the National Guard.BAD NEWS: Biden said that the U-2 surveillance planes that helped monitor the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were also being used to spy on U.N. staff and civilians in the aftermath of the attack.

Biden said he did not know how many of those flights had been lost, but that there were several thousand.

He said the administration has also begun the transition from the George W. Bush era of austerity measures, such as the tax cuts for the wealthy, to the Obama era of tax increases and spending cuts.

The administration has spent roughly $200 billion over the past year on military cuts and increased defense spending, Biden said, which is about the same amount as it spent in 2010.BILLIONAIRE QUESTION: Biden emphasized the need for the president to use the threat of terrorism as an opportunity to strengthen our military.

Biden emphasized that he is “disappointed” that the president did not take action to secure the border.

He called on the administration to secure our borders, including by using drones and other surveillance aircraft.BENEDICT XVI’S SPEECH: Biden used his address to say that the United Nations has failed and must change course, adding that he and other U.K. leaders believe that “a united and effective U.n. can stop the rise of ISIL and other radical groups.”

He also thanked his colleagues for their leadership in the debate over a nuclear weapons treaty with Iran, saying the deal is the most significant international achievement of our time.BIDS FOR PASSPORT: Biden also made a plea to the public, urging them to vote for candidates who can get the job done.

He criticized Democrats for “a long-term approach to debt,” and said that Republicans have failed to make progress on immigration reform.BEDFORD, N.H. – OCTOBER 07: U.T.

S President Joe Joe Biden speaks to the media in the White House briefing room Oct. 7, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Biden will speak at an event with a U


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