Define Disseminate

Spreaded infections can affect many different parts of your body, from the kidneys and heart to the brain and lungs.

They can cause pneumonia, lead to brain damage and even lead to death.

But they also can be the first sign of a life-threatening infection that can quickly spread and be fatal.

Learn more about disseminated and intractable infections.

How to prevent spread of intractablesHow to treat intractiblesInfections can be spread by touching surfaces or surfaces that have contact with the blood.

Some people, however, don’t know that they have the infection and have a hard time recognizing symptoms.

They may feel unwell and not know what to do.

For this reason, it’s important to quickly check your body for signs of infection and take precautions if they are.

This is especially important when you’re in an area with an outbreak.

If you have a fever, your immune system should be running.

Your body will likely react and start producing antibodies to fight off infection.

The more antibodies you produce, the stronger your immune response will be and the faster you will recover.

It’s important for people to use hand sanitizer or disinfectant when they’re outside.

If they’re in a bathroom or shower, it can help to wipe the surfaces, or to wash hands with soap and water.

And make sure you have plenty of fluids.

Your fluids should be in the following order: water, salt and vinegar, a cup of ice water and a cup or two of plain yogurt.

These liquids will help to help keep your body’s temperature and body fluids in check.

If your fever is high, it may help to drink some water.

If the infection is intractably spread, you may need to get a blood transfusion.

If not, your doctor may prescribe a blood thinner.

These medicines are used to treat certain types of blood cancers and are usually given for about a week.

If someone is already on a blood thinner and they need a transfusion, they should contact their doctor.

If there’s an outbreak, you might need to see a doctor immediately.

How to prevent disseminated intractsThe CDC recommends that you:• Do not drink alcohol• Wash hands and mouth before and after handling surfaces that could come in contact with blood, including surfaces that are used in a shower, bath, car, or even a toilet seat.• Take all of your medications at the same time, including antibiotics• Wear protective clothing, goggles and protective eyewear.

You can wear gloves and wear masks in public places.• If you are in a vehicle, take a seat or put a seat belt on.

You should wear your seat belt in public spaces.

If you or someone you know has been infected with intractability, contact your doctor right away.

There are many other ways to reduce your risk of spreading the infection, including using personal protective equipment (PPE), using condoms and making sure that you use a hand sanitizer.

For more information, visit the CDC website.CDC’s Disseminates Intractables section provides resources, information and tools to help people and their families prevent disseminates intractabilities.

For updates on intracticable disease and other health and environmental news, follow @CDCgov and @usdoctorsgov on Twitter and Facebook.


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