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Google, which was once the world’s leading search engine, has been under increasing pressure to curb its advertising and other revenue streams following the outbreak of the pandemic in the US.

It has since shut down all of its services, including its popular Google Maps app.

Its search engine is also no longer supported by Apple and other mobile browsers.

But Google has managed to keep its advertising business going, even as it tries to regain users who have fled the region.

The company has reportedly been able to make $2bn in ad revenue, despite its ad revenue dropping by 30% over the past year.

But that may be starting to turn around.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google is making a huge push to improve its search engine by adding a new search feature, dubbed “discover”.

It’s designed to be a search engine that will be able to provide users with more information and links to relevant news articles, videos and other information, such as the cost of a car or a house.

It’s an effort that Google hopes will help the company regain its lost search traffic and its ad revenues.

A new tool is being built by Google to help it reach users, in the form of a new feature called “discovery”.

That is being launched today by Google in a blog post.

The new search engine “discovers” the most relevant information, so that it can be displayed prominently in the top navigation of Google search results, and the top result for a query.

The feature is called “Discover”, according to a Google representative.

The spokesperson also said that the new feature would “be rolling out to users across all of Google’s mobile apps, including Maps and Google Earth”.

Google has been trying to improve search quality and relevancy for some time now, according to industry analysts.

Its “Google News” search engine was recently acquired by Yahoo for $4.4bn.

But the company has had a rocky time getting its search results to reach users who were previously unable to find them, according, for example, to the Journal’s report.

Google has struggled to turn the search engine into a viable business.

It was valued at $50bn at its peak, according the Journal, but it has since fallen into a deep financial hole.

Google’s search advertising revenue dropped by 30 per cent in the past 12 months.

And Google has lost about a third of its revenue in the last year.

A large portion of Google ad revenue is now coming from search.

Google still generates about half of all internet searches in the world, according an analyst at market research firm eMarketer.

The Journal reported on Wednesday that the company is looking to “rebuild” its search revenue by building out its mobile search services, which it said would help it gain new users.

It will also create a new “diversity and relevance” section in the “top navigation” of search results that would let users search for topics and content related to them.

Google will also invest in a “new global content team”, the Journal reported.

The search engine had been working to improve the way it showed people the cost for a car, and also offered recommendations for house prices.

In addition, the company said it was trying to get more people to use its YouTube app to watch videos that are popular on YouTube.

Google said that it had hired “a number of high-profile talent” to help the search company “recharge its search ad business”.

Google, the Journal said, had spent about $100m in ad dollars on YouTube advertising in the 12 months ending in March, but was “stressed” that the amount was lower than it would have liked.

Google is also trying to increase its advertising revenue through “new products and services”.

The Journal said that “dynamic pricing” was a new approach to how Google operates its ad sales.

It said that advertisers would be charged a fixed rate per ad click for each ad they click.

This would make it easier for companies like Google to increase their revenue, and make it less difficult for them to stop their ad sales, the newspaper said.

The article said that Google was also “working to rebrand its content team, bringing in new leaders to help lead the company’s search engine overhaul”.

It said Google would also “invest in new content to help advertisers reach their audiences more effectively”.

A Google spokesperson told the WSJ that Google had invested “hundreds of millions of dollars” in its search advertising in recent years.

“We’ve been doing that since 2010,” the spokesperson said.

“Our ad business is growing and we are doing it in a way that gives advertisers a clear and predictable path to get their ads seen and heard.”


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