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The measles outbreak is over, but it’s not over yet.

In some states, it’s still spreading, and the threat is far from over.

Read more about the measles outbreak: What we know so farThe state of the outbreak in Australia is a bit more complex than the headlines suggest.

The ABC’s national media reporter, Emma O’Sullivan, has been covering the outbreak from a large number of locations around the country.

We have some very good news today from New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

But we are still a long way from reaching our target of one case per day.

There have been a number of reports of people coming into contact with people who had the disease.

People are sharing this information in a wide range of social media groups and social media websites.

We are also hearing that in Victoria, New South Welsh and South Australia, the number of people who have been diagnosed with the disease has more than doubled, to about 50,000.

So what’s going on?

Is it just a case of people spreading the disease?

Some of the stories we’ve been hearing are that there are cases being diagnosed in Australia, but they’re not as common as we would like.

So, is it more common to get measles in the community than it is in a hospital?

It’s difficult to say.

There are different types of measles cases, and we know that if people are in contact with each other, they get the disease a little bit more easily.

So the number that we are seeing is not a true indicator of how prevalent the virus is in Australia.

In New South Wollongong, one of the largest areas, the hospital has been busy collecting data to determine if there are more cases than there are people in the hospital, Dr Lisa Pape said.

She said there was some evidence that some people had already been diagnosed and were being referred for further testing.

Dr Pape also said the number was not the final number.

“There are some cases that are in the system and there are some that are not,” she said.

“So there is still a lot of data available and that will help us determine if we are getting a true picture of what is going on.”

What do we know about the spread of measles in Australia?

Australia is not seeing a measles epidemic.

There has been no increase in cases, or deaths, in the past two weeks.

But Dr O’Sullivan says we still need to do more to see if this is a true measles outbreak.

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