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By now, you’ve probably seen the headlines: “Shady Medicine Shuts down over its antibiotic resistance crisis”. 

And the headline has been followed by a long list of generic medicines that are still being used in the United States despite being widely discredited. 

But what about the pharmaceutical companies themselves? 

In the case of the pharmaceutical industry, they may have an excuse. 

The pharmaceutical industry’s most recent financial report is a mess. 

It’s littered with red flags. 

There’s a staggering amount of debt that can’t be discharged. 

And there’s an inability to find sufficient research to back up their claims. 

They’re facing an unprecedented public health crisis and are failing to act. 

To understand the industry’s predicament, we first need to look at the history of the industry. 

From the beginning of the 20th century, the pharmaceuticals were the most important players in the global pharmaceutical industry. 

 In the late 1800s, they were able to make millions of dollars on patent protection and monopolies. 

That meant they could control the drug discovery process, control prices, and make sure the drugs they made were effective. 

In addition, they made a lot of money selling drugs to countries that didn’t have a monopoly on their drug. 

This enabled the industry to stay ahead of competition. 

Today, the companies have a huge amount of influence over the drug supply. 

Because they control the supply of drugs, they can set prices, increase the prices they charge, and prevent the use of alternatives to their drugs. 

Companies also have the power to change how medicines are marketed and marketed to customers. 

For example, in 2010, the FDA said that over the next three years, generic drugs will cost more than $40 billion less than branded drugs. 

 The drug companies have also been using the FDA’s power to stop innovation. 

Over the past decade, the industry has spent $1.3 billion to prevent innovation in new drug development, while also spending more than a billion dollars on lobbying to keep patents in place. 

These actions have led to a huge surge in prices and the inability to innovate. 

We can look at this as the rise of Big Pharma. 

Big Pharma has made billions of dollars off of patent protections and monopoly prices. 

Now, Big Pharma is trying to get even richer by creating new drugs with new patent protections that are harder to develop and cheaper to develop. 

When Big Pharma wants to do something, it does it. 

As a result, Big Pharmaceuticals have had the ability to control the market. 

Even if generic drugs do become more effective and cheaper, they’ll still be cheaper to manufacture. 

Instead of making a drug that costs as much as a brand drug, Big pharmaceutical companies will use patent protection to make it cost as little as possible to manufacture, while still selling drugs that are effective. 

 This means that Big Pharma will have a massive market share and they can make enormous profits. 

I think it’s fair to say that the pharmaceutical giant has been in charge of the global drug supply for decades. 

At the beginning, it was the government that controlled the supply.

Now, Big pharma has the power of the purse. 

If the government can get more patents and restrictions on innovation, the Big Pharma giants will be able to continue to control supply and the prices of prescription drugs.

The FDA has been in control of the supply for a long time, and it’s not going anywhere. 

Despite what some may say, the public health problems that Big pharmas have caused have been well documented. 

Unfortunately, these problems are not going away. 

You can’t make it disappear, but you can help stop it.

As a citizen, you can make it easier for the FDA to keep its powers intact. 

By signing the petition, you’re not supporting Big Pharma’s agenda, but your voice is.

If you want to make the change that you want, sign the petition. 

Help us spread the word by signing this petition.


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