Define Disseminate

Dissemination is a key element of the Cancer Survival Strategy (CSR), which aims to reduce the burden of cancers by spreading them through the population.

One of the most important elements of this strategy is to collect and disseminate cancer cells from cancer patients.

Cancer cells are usually not collected from cancer, but instead they are transmitted to other patients, often by way of blood transfusion or intravenous drug injection.

By doing this, they can be detected by the immune system and spread in a population.

In order to disseminate the cancer cells to a wider population, the CSR aims to use a number of methods.

Some of them are already available today, and others may be coming soon.

The Dissemerator is a tool for distributing cancer cells by using the BitTorrent protocol, which is a protocol that is designed to speed up the transfer of files.

The BitTorrent client has been widely used in the internet to facilitate sharing of data and information since it was introduced in 2004.

However, the Dissemator can be used in many other ways, including for spreading cancer cells through the general population.

It is also useful to spread the information about the cancer through the news media, which are currently the primary sources of information about cancer.

Cells can also be spread via e-mail, text messaging, or other communication methods.

This is done through an e-commerce platform that is a common platform for online retail sales.

The e-shop is available in almost all countries.

For instance, a user of a BitTorrent site can buy cancer cells for 1 BTC (about US$1), which are then sent to a customer’s address.

The user can also send the cancer to a friend or family member through e-mails or text messages.

While BitTorrent is the primary method for distributing information about your health to a large number of people, there are other methods that can also increase the number of contacts you have.

For instance, you can use a smartphone application to spread your cancer information to a whole family.

A new application called DisseMeter, developed by the researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), allows you to share information about various types of cancer through a single smartphone application.

This allows you not only to share cancer samples with your family members, but also to share your cancer data with anyone who wants to.

The application works by detecting the presence of the cancer cell, which can then be sent to anyone with an internet connection.

By sending the cell to a device that has the Disposal protocol on it, the phone sends the cancer sample to the device without the user having to touch it.

The results are then shown to the user and their family members on the phone.

Dissemeter can also detect which of the patients are infected with a particular type of cancer and distribute that information to the other people.

This method is called e-tendency sharing and is often used in hospitals, where it can help to treat people who are ill with cancer.

Dissemeter has been developed by a team led by UCSF researcher Mireia Pascual, and is available for download.

The DisseManager is a similar application that has been tested by the UCSF team and is also available for downloading.

The Application Developer Kit (ADK) version of Dissemanager is available to download as well.

In addition, a mobile app called DisServe, which has been built by the University College London (UCL) and is currently available in a number different countries, allows you, the user, to share a variety of cancer-related information.

This app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The mobile version allows you send cancer samples to a number and then the user can see the data collected from the patient.

This data is then transmitted to the phone for the user to see.

The phone then receives the information and sends it to the users contacts.

While Disse Manager is available, it is not the only application that can help spread information about specific types of tumors.

There are also several mobile applications that allow you to distribute cancer samples, as well as information about disease, medical care, and treatment.

In the next section, we will explore the methods that the DisSeMeter and DisServes can use to spread cancer cells and what types of information they can share.

DisServe and DisSemeter are designed for dissemination of cancer cells in the general public, and it is possible to use them to distribute data about a specific type of tumor.

DisSeMancer has been designed to distribute cells in public places, such as schools, bars, and restaurants.

The application allows users to share data about cancer samples and spread the cancer from the school to the bar.

The app also allows users who want to share the data, to send it to friends


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