Define Disseminate

A disseminator is a doctor who specializes in treating skin diseases like melanoma and disseminated melanomas.

The idea is that skin-based treatments are the most effective way to treat these types of diseases.

They are also very expensive and time-consuming.

This doctor also happens to be one of the most prominent dermatologists in the country.

But in a new documentary called Disseminators, Dr. John E. Hoeppner talks about his personal journey to become a “dissementist” in the treatment of these types and other skin diseases.

Hoesner was the director of a melanoma clinic in Los Angeles for more than 25 years before moving to New York in 2016.

He is the author of the book The Disseminationists: My Journey to the Cure.

He also has a podcast called The D-Line, which features his stories from the skin disease world.

This is part of our collaboration with Dr. E.C. Martin, who teaches clinical medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center.

He’s the author, with David L. Schafer, of The Disposalist, which explores the topic of how to treat skin diseases in a holistic way.


N: How does one become a disseminationista?

Dr. Hohmann: Well, you know, I was a very, very successful practitioner, you see.

I have a very successful practice and a very good reputation.

And I really believe that if you’re doing it for yourself and you’re in a position to help people, then you should do it.

MES: And you also have this belief that people have a right to be dissemilators?

Dr Hohhn: Yeah, I think it’s a right.

I think that if we can help people by making sure that they’re protected from all kinds of things, that we’re not exposing their skin to the things that they may be exposed to, then that would be an appropriate way to help.

MYS: What is your current job?

Dr E. C. Martin: Well I am a dermatologist in New York City, and I’m in charge of all the dermatology and skin diseases that are covered by our New York State medical licensure.

And so I’m the one who has a very wide scope in terms of who’s covered by New York, who’s not, what they’re covered by, what’s not covered by and what they don’t cover.

MEW: Do you have any patients that you work with that have had this kind of treatment?

Dr Martin: Oh, I do.

Mew: And are they covered?

Dr C.M. Martin is also in charge.

Mews: You mentioned that you had this, as you say, very good career in dermatology.

And you’re also an accomplished, highly credentialed surgeon.

So are you comfortable in your profession right now?

Dr A.M.: I am.

MWH: How do you feel about being a dismemeater?

Dr S.H. Martin Hoesinger: I think I’ve always been comfortable.

I’ve never been uncomfortable in my job, and you know I think the biggest difference is that the more you are exposed to things, the less you’re exposed to.

So it’s easier for me to get comfortable and it’s easy for me, because I know that I’m not exposing my skin to anything.

And that’s what makes me happy.

Mys: So you’re not worried about people getting hurt, do you worry about getting hurt?

Dr M.

M: No.

MWh: But you are concerned about the people getting harmed, right?

Dr D.

M Hoesening: Yeah.

MWW: I mean, I’m curious how you’re coping with that?

You know, when you look back on your career, you’re an accomplished and very well-respected dermatologist.

And there are so many people who are suffering, but you haven’t.

You haven’t exposed yourself to anything that could have potentially hurt anyone.

Dr S H. Martin E.H.: I’m sure that there are some people who have suffered and have died because of my actions, and that’s part of the job of a dermatology doctor.

MWE: But is that because you’re a dermatological surgeon?

Dr B.

M S. H. S. Martin S.

M W.

H: No, no, no.

MMW: No one gets hurt when you treat skin.

Dr D H. H-M.

EH: It’s not that.

MSW: It seems to me that you’re treating a whole spectrum of things that people may not even have ever heard of before.

Dr H Hoesning S. M: Yeah I mean I think, for me it’s been, I mean it’s not like, I


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