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When you’re sick, you want to make sure your pet isn’t the only one sick.

And, it’s important to remember that pets can’t just pass the bacteria on to other people.

So you need to keep your pets vaccinated and keep them away from the areas that have been tested positive for the virus. 

And, if you have pets that you’re concerned about getting, you need not worry about them, says Dr Michael Fennell from the Australian Veterinary Association.

“Most dogs are fine.

You’ll have a few cases of acute illness or some kind of diarrhoea, but it’s not something that you’d be concerned about.”‘

Dogs have got to be held accountable’When it comes to pets, there are several different ways that you can take care of them.

For example, you could vaccinate your pets, but if they get sick, that’s not going to make your pet sick.

Or, you can treat them with antibiotics, but those antibiotics won’t stop the spread of the virus, so you need a veterinary team to care for them.

“If you treat your dog with antibiotics it’s probably going to be the most effective, and they will be more likely to pass it on to their owners,” says Dr Fennelly.

“And you’re not going be able to vaccinate a pet, you’re just not going get them vaccinated.”

He also recommends taking your pet for an emergency medical check-up every six months to make certain that your pet is healthy and not under-vaccinated.

“So if you’ve got your dog that you think is a bit sick and you’re worried about them getting sick, it would be a good idea to have that check-ups, even if it’s just for a couple of days.”

There are also other ways of dealing with pets that are less invasive, like putting them into quarantine.

But they’re not all that effective.

“How to take care of pets, including quarantine, at home Dr Fennells advice for dogs For dogs, you may be surprised to know that there are different ways of keeping them safe from the virus in the home.”

Dogs don’t generally get any illness from eating raw meat or meat products,” Dr Fernell says.”

They’re usually fed a mixture of live and frozen meat, and when it’s frozen it’s a mixture made up of some of the meat’s fat and the meat itself.

“Dr Fernells advice For other pets, Dr Fery says that the best way to take control of your pet’s health is to make the most of your own environment.”

You can do a number of things to keep them healthy, but that doesn’t mean you need the same things as the other people around you,” he says.

You can make sure that your dog has access to fresh food, including fresh water.”

It’s also important to be very cautious around other pets that might have been brought into your house or other places that they might have come into contact with.

“If you have a dog that’s been vaccinated, but is still sick, Dr Fenell recommends that you vaccinate it again.”

Just make sure they’re getting all the vaccinations that they’re entitled to, including the ones for dogs,” he explains.”

Also make sure there are no fleas in your house.

“If your pet has been infected and you need urgent veterinary care, Dr Fernell recommends taking them to a local veterinary clinic.”

At the moment the number of people that are being tested positive is going up and up and that’s partly because we’ve seen the numbers of dogs and cats that are getting the virus rise.

“For that reason, it might be worth going to a vet.

But we’re not saying it’s the only option.”

Dr Fernell says that there’s an increasing number of vets who are looking for the right way to treat your pet and is encouraging people to contact them as well. 

If you’re interested in more information about how to treat pets, here’s what you need in your area to help prevent dog and cat illness.

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