Define Disseminate

A new White House memo issued Tuesday outlines what the administration has described as “new, new ways to promote the Trump agenda” through “new media” that aims to “disseminate the message that Trump cares about” and “promote the Trump brand.”

According to the memo, which was obtained by Politico, the administration will be implementing a number of measures designed to make it more difficult for the media to report on the administration.

Specifically, the memo argues that the administration’s new policy on “media suppression” would “create an adversarial relationship with the media that would undermine the independence of the press” and that it would make it “unacceptable for journalists to work in the White House or the government.”

Additionally, the document says, the Trump administration will propose a number or actions to make the media more “distributed” and thus “dispersable.”

The memo’s author, acting assistant to the president for communications and public affairs, Jennifer Psaki, wrote that she “hopes to see the media working more closely with the White Houses Office of Public Liaison, Office of Government Ethics, Office for Civil Rights, Office on Violence Against Women, Office to Protect Journalists, Office Of Public Engagement, Office For Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Office To Advance Democracy, Office On Violence Against Minority Groups, Office (Office) of Media Matters, Office and Administration of the President.”

“We have an adversative relationship with media,” Psaki wrote.

“We need to work harder to build a stronger relationship.”

The Trump administration has taken a number measures in the wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration that critics say are designed to silence the media.

The White House has also taken steps to expand the use of social media, which critics say can lead to the proliferation of fake news.

The Trump administration is also trying to create a “safe space” for the president to express himself, despite the fact that many in the media and other civil society groups have said this space is not safe for journalists.


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