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by Stephen H. T. Roberts and Peter D. Smith published in The Lancet article The plague is a myth.

As with the plague, there is no evidence that it has ever existed.

The first recorded case of plague was recorded in England in 1609.

The plague spread across Europe and the Americas, eventually killing more than 200 million people.

It became a worldwide disease by 1660, when a Dutch physician named George Wiens reported a case of the disease in Holland.

It was thought to have originated in China, but it was later shown that the plague was spread by the Black Death, an infectious disease caused by fleas that swept through Europe.

The Black Death is also thought to be responsible for the rise of the plague.

It spread quickly in Europe, killing about 80 percent of all Europeans between 1649 and 1652.

But the Black Plague had a profound effect on the way the world lives.

By the early 1700s, it was known that the Black-Death disease could be transmitted by direct contact with fleas.

It infected people who lived close to where fleas were found, which was a huge problem for urban populations.

The disease spread quickly, killing millions.

It would have been a terrible and tragic loss for the people of Europe to have been the first victims of the Black death.

The most widely used form of the bubonic plague, the pneumonic plague was originally known as the “Spanish plague,” because the first documented cases were in Spain in 1492.

It killed about 30 million people in Europe and Africa between 1492 and 1639.

The Spanish plague was believed to be spread by flea bites, but the true cause is still unknown.

Scientists now believe that the pandemic originated in India, which is about a thousand miles to the east.

Because the Black, Spanish, and the Blackish were different species, scientists think that the three were brought into the Americas by separate species of fleas, but that they could have come into contact with each other in the same geographic area.

This means that the original Black plague was a pandemic that was not caused by the same species of parasite.

However, the Spanish plague did have an effect on modern-day Europe, where flea-borne disease was first recognized in Europe around the year 1600.

It led to an increase in the number of deaths from pneumonic infections and the onset of the Great Plague of London in 1672.

By 1676, a new disease, the bubocephalus, was also beginning to appear in Europe.

In the 1680s, the Black plague killed about 2 million people worldwide.

In Europe, bubonic cases peaked in the 1690s, when it killed about 1 million people, and it gradually declined to less than 400,000 in the 1850s.

In 1850, the plague caused a pandemic in France.

By 1868, it had killed only about a third of the population of France.

It took until the mid-19th century to completely eradicate the disease.

Since then, pneumonic and bubonic have only been seen in a small number of countries.

There is no conclusive evidence that the disease originated in the Americas.

It has only been reported once in China.

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