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Islamic State militants released a series of gruesome propaganda videos on Wednesday showing prisoners being burned alive and other atrocities against them by Islamic State, in an apparent attempt to drive home their brutal ideology.

The videos, titled “Beheadings of the Infidels” and “Death to All Enemies,” show captives being burned and decapitated, while some appear to show decapitation of the head.

One of the videos shows an Islamic State fighter throwing a captured captive, a young man, into a drain of blood.

Another shows the beheading of a soldier with a rifle.

The group also released a video of the execution of a young girl, with one of the beheadings described as being done by the “devil.”

In another video, Islamic State fighters in Mosul show a group of men with knives and a gun, leading to an exchange of gunfire.

The Islamic group also published videos showing the decapitation and execution of three men and a woman.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the video of beheadments.

“We announce that the most barbaric punishment of the infidels will be carried out on them,” the group said in a statement.

In another propaganda video, the group released a picture of two men in white uniforms, dressed in white military fatigues.

“Their faces are as white as the desert, and their bodies as white in their blood as well.

Their hands are tied behind their backs and their heads are covered with blood,” the Islamic State said.

The video also showed a bearded man who was tied up in a cage with a man in a white uniform and two other men wearing military fatigques, who held an American flag.

The militant group has released videos showing its brutality against people in recent years.

In August, a video showing the beheaded beheading and decapitation by Islamic state militants in Iraq was published.

The U.S. State Department has criticized the video, calling it a “flagrant violation of international law and human rights.”


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