Define Disseminate

CUTTY NEW YORK—For months, the White House has been talking about a new tool it plans to use to fight the spread of disseminated intractable encephalitis, the rapidly spreading coronavirus that has killed more than 10,000 people.

It’s called a “solution” that is not unlike a shot of aspirin, an injection that might prevent a stroke but doesn’t treat the underlying condition.

It is the latest in a string of new technologies that could help curb the spread.

But it is not a silver bullet.

To get it off the ground, the Obama administration is taking a long-shot gamble that it will succeed in keeping the virus from spreading to other countries.

And the bet is coming up short.

“We’re still in the early stages of a strategy, and we’re trying to learn the lessons from it,” says one senior administration official.

The plan was laid out by the president’s national public health adviser, Dr. Thomas Frieden, who also chairs the Food and Drug Administration.

It calls for targeting the virus through a strategy that is loosely based on the methods used to combat other diseases.

The administration has been trying to establish a global response to the virus for more than a year, but its approach is not clear enough to stop the spread, according to government officials and people familiar with the plan.

The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

The strategy focuses on four main areas: improving data collection and tracking the spread; tracking how people respond to the new vaccine; building community support; and developing new treatments for disseminated infection.

The most visible aspect of the plan is a new website,, that is designed to show the public the new vaccines, which the administration is expected to release this month.

The site shows vaccine effectiveness data on how the vaccine has been distributed.

But as the new virus spreads, it will also show the spread among individuals who are already vaccinated, the people who are most likely to get the vaccine, and the proportion of the population that is immunized.

The goal is to keep the virus out of the hands of children, and prevent others from getting the vaccine.

A second goal is tracking people who have been vaccinated and the countries they are living in.

“The goal is that people are exposed to the vaccine and are exposed in a way that allows them to be as healthy as possible,” Frieden said in a recent interview.

He said the government will use a range of strategies to track the spread: using social media to track people who haven’t been vaccinated, using mobile apps to track who has been vaccinated or vaccinated after them, and by analyzing how the virus spreads in different countries.

The United States is also testing a vaccine developed by a British firm called Merck, which has been making the vaccine in Europe for some time, and testing it in a trial in Brazil.

Frieden told The Wall Street Journal that the vaccine will be available to all Americans soon.

The challenge of tracking the virus is that it’s difficult to track it at a granular level because it’s spread by people from one place to another.

The government has been working on new ways to track how the new drug has been used and has been deploying sensors to measure how the drug is being distributed, according the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

That information will be shared with the CDC, the FDA and other federal agencies.

One official said the plan could include testing the vaccine on children and children’s homes.

The vaccine will have to be tested in people who aren’t currently vaccinated, and it will be tested on people who already have the virus.

It will also have to test on people in a certain age group, such as the elderly.

Some experts worry that the technology used to track where people are vaccinated could be used to keep a watchful eye on people with the virus who aren´t already vaccinated.

“It’s a huge risk to the public health system, but it’s a real risk to their safety,” says David Hsu, a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The new strategy comes as the virus has emerged as a new front in a decades-long fight to contain the pandemic.

Since it was first identified in China in 1997, the virus killed about 10,500 people and infected hundreds of millions more, according a report released by the World Health Organization on Wednesday.

As of late August, the total number of infections had risen to more than 7.5 million, according data from the World Bank.

The pandemic is now reaching as far as Europe, where it has killed about 1.6 million people and displaced nearly 1.2 million.

The WHO is urging people to stay indoors for now.

But people in the United States are likely to be infected, and


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