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The National Public Health Agency estimates the average cost for local public healthcare professionals to get vaccinated is $4,000 to $5,000, depending on the type of public health service provider, including the city, county, state or territory.

This figure is based on the cost per vaccine delivered, which is often less than the cost of administering a standard vaccine, and excludes out-of-pocket costs.

The agency also assumes a fully vaccinated community will cover the cost for vaccine coverage for up to two years.

The price per vaccine will vary depending on where you live and where you work.

For example, a person in Melbourne would have to pay $4.90 for a standard vaccination to cover the costs of a month’s worth of vaccinations.

A person in Sydney would have $4 to $6 per month for two doses of the recommended vaccine, but if they had a family member who had contracted the disease, they would be paying $5 per month, the agency said.

In some cases, people may need to spend a higher amount of money for coverage, depending upon where the person works and how many vaccines they need.

For instance, in Queensland, a $4 monthly vaccine is not enough for a family of four, and a person with an additional two doses needs to spend $5.00 more to cover that cost, the NSW Public Health Minister, Graham Quirk, said.

“This is a pretty significant price, and if you’re not already paying for public health services, this is not a good option,” he said.

“This is for those people who have to cover a lot of costs.”

Mr Quirk said he believed the price would be a good deal for some people.

“I think it will be a very affordable package,” he told ABC radio.

“I don’t think the cost is going to be too high.”

However, he cautioned that this was not a one-size-fits-all approach.

“There are some people who can afford it,” he added.

“Some people need to be careful what they pay for and what they get for their money.”

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