Define Disseminate

An update on the data disseminated in China as part of its efforts to combat cancer, according to a report published on Wednesday by the British Medical Journal.

The report found that the government has been increasing its use of data from health institutions, particularly those that serve the poor and marginalized.

The Chinese government is aiming to collect more and better-quality data, with the aim of helping citizens to make more informed decisions about their own health.

But in the meantime, there’s a need to ensure data is disseminated effectively, said lead author Dr. Daniel Goyes, an epidemiologist at the British Heart Foundation and the director of the University of Cambridge’s National Health and Medical Research Council.

“We know that in China there are very few data that can be trusted,” Goys told Business Insider in an interview.

“If you’re going to get data, you need to make it as easy to access as possible, to make that data easily accessible, to share it with others, and to give it to them.”

The report noted that the data used to disseminate the disease information in China is not as comprehensive as in other countries, and that the dissemination of the results of clinical trials is often limited.

“In China, if you’re trying to disseminated information, you’re not going to have the right information.

There’s no data,” Gayes said.

“You don’t have the data to know whether it’s going to be effective or not.”

A big issue for the Chinese government, however, is the sheer amount of data available, and the lack of data quality.

China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) collects the most data on the country’s health.

The data it provides is often outdated, incomplete, or incomplete, and can be manipulated, Goyers said.

This has meant that it’s difficult for the government to accurately inform the public about its health efforts, which in turn can result in people not following up on their treatment.

“They don’t want to be influenced by what’s going on in other parts of the world, so they’re not very effective at this, but they have to be,” Gays said.

China’s health system relies on public awareness and the reporting of information, Gays added.

“The only way to change things is through information.”

In the meantime it’s up to the Chinese to help the government disseminate data.

In April, the Chinese health ministry launched a new initiative, the National Cancer Data Sharing and Distribution Strategy, aimed at helping the government build the data infrastructure needed to disseminates the results.

Goyes said the strategy will be used to share data, such as cancer diagnoses, clinical trials results, and other data, in a way that is more user-friendly.

The government has also launched a collaboration with the National Health Insurance Institute, a private health insurance company, to provide access to cancer diagnosis and treatment information.

The NBS will also be required to release data on cancer-related deaths to the National Insurance Register, Gayers said, which will allow people to find out how many people are currently on treatment in China. 

The report said the new data sharing strategy will likely lead to greater transparency, but it also noted that “it’s not yet clear if this will result in improved quality data, better dissemination, or greater accuracy.”


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