Define Disseminate

about data dissemination nursing in the United States article article The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines a data dissemination nurse as “a person who disseminates and distributes data in the health care system.”

In the words of the dictionary, data dissemination nurses “provide data to health care providers and are generally not paid.” 

The definition doesn’t make it clear why a data transmission nurse would want to work in a hospital, but it does seem to apply to a number of professions. 

In the U.S., many of the largest health care systems in the country are funded by federal Medicaid, and they often rely on their data transmission nurses to manage data and ensure that patients get the care they need.

In the states, however, many nurses are paid to work for private entities. 

Data dissemination nurses can often make more than a salary, but they’re also eligible for benefits.

These include health insurance, paid leave, and paid sick days. 

For example, a data transfer nurse can be eligible for $1,000 per day paid in health insurance coverage, and $2,000 paid in sick leave coverage. 

According to the American Nurses Association, data transmission workers are paid in the following ways: 1.

Health insurance: Workers receive $2.50 per day per person for the first 6 months of employment, then they get paid $1.50 for each additional month of employment.


Paid sick days: Workers get paid one hour of paid sick time every four weeks (one day a week). 


Paid paid sick leave: Workers can be paid $50 per month (two weeks). 


Paid vacation: Workers are paid $10 per day on vacation, and a paid vacation of a week is paid in two weeks. 


Paid maternity leave: Women who work for a data transfers company can take up to five weeks off to care for their newborn babies.


Paid retirement: Workers who work at a data transmissions company are entitled to a guaranteed salary of $160 per month, paid by the company and not by the worker.


Paid health insurance: Data transfer workers receive health insurance that is paid directly to them.

The company pays the worker directly for their health insurance premiums.


Paid disability insurance: Some data transfer workers are eligible for disability insurance. 

A recent survey by the Nurses’ Health Research Institute found that 93 percent of data transfer nurses received at least one paid health insurance benefit during their employment. 

What types of jobs might a data distribution nurse fill? 

According the American Nursing Association, the following jobs might be open for a Data Transmission Nurse:  1) Data transfer nurse: Data transmission nurses are usually the primary caregivers for large numbers of patients in a large number of hospitals. 

2) Data transmission nurse: Nurses work at data transfer companies. 

3) Data communication specialist: Data communication specialists specialize in providing information and data that helps health care practitioners and hospitals communicate better with patients. 

4) Data processing analyst: Data processing analysts are often responsible for processing and analyzing large amounts of information to provide healthcare providers with better care. 

 5) Data entry specialist: The data entry specialist works in a data processing department. 

6) Data system administrator: Data systems administrators usually handle systems that handle the processing and storage of medical records and other medical information. 

7) Data storage administrator: The storage administrator is responsible for managing a large amount of data, including large quantities of patient records and medical records. 

8) Data network administrator: Information systems administrators are responsible for creating and maintaining a secure communications network. 

9) Data analyst: A data analyst is an expert in analyzing large quantities, in particular data, to determine how to improve healthcare. 

10) Data systems administrator: An information systems administrator is a technical or management person who is responsible with maintaining the data systems of a healthcare system. 

11) Data recovery manager: A recovery manager works in the field of recovering data from an aging or noncompliant healthcare system, such as a hospital or nursing home. 

12) Data warehouse administrator: A warehouse administrator handles the management and storage processes for data warehouses, which include the collection, management, and processing of patient medical records, medical records associated with certain medical procedures, and medical information related to patients.

The data warehouse administrator must have an understanding of the types of records that need to be collected and processed. 

13) Data distribution specialist: A distribution specialist is a person who manages and manages data for distribution to the healthcare system as well as the care of patients.

An information distribution specialist needs to have an interest in the information that needs to be disseminated and also be able to understand and manage the logistics involved in that information being delivered to the patients.


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