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USA Today has been covering the Ebola outbreak for several months now, and has written about how much more is at stake than just public health efforts.

Here are five things you should know about it. 1.

The outbreak is being fueled by the US government’s failure to implement an effective quarantine strategy The outbreak has now spread to 22 countries, and while the US has been at the forefront of containment efforts, it hasn’t been the only nation to have an impact.

The UK, for example, has imposed an immediate quarantine on all those it considers to be at risk of spreading the virus, and New Zealand is taking a similar approach.

The US has also been slow to implement the Ebola vaccine, which is a step in the right direction.

But this doesn’t mean that the US is alone.

Other countries have also taken different approaches.

According to the latest WHO data, in the last week alone, six countries in Africa have imposed quarantine on people who had traveled to Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

Those measures have been taken against at least 25,000 people and have been reported in other African countries.

The situation in Sierra Leone is particularly troubling.

As of Sunday, the US had just imposed quarantine measures on more than 8,000 residents of the Sierra Leone capital, Freetown, after the virus broke out in the capital and spread to other parts of the country.


The United States has been slow on the uptake of vaccines The vaccine was supposed to go into widespread use in December.

That date has come and gone, and despite the fact that US Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price has been pushing the issue, the vaccine has been delayed.

The reason for the delay is because of the vaccine’s ability to contain the Ebola strain, and it’s also due to concerns about how effective the vaccine is in combating the virus in humans.

The latest update from the CDC says that in the past six months, just 1,100 doses of the experimental vaccine have been administered to people in the US.

Of those, just three have been used in humans, and two of those were administered in people who are at high risk of catching the virus.

The other seven doses were administered to children in the United States.

While the US isn’t the only country that has been caught off guard by the situation in West Africa, the situation is also one of a delay in the rollout of the Ebola vaccines.

The CDC reports that the initial vaccine should have been delivered by the end of February.

As the virus continues to spread, the delay will likely make the vaccine even more expensive to administer.

The first batch of the first dose, however, was scheduled to go out in May, and the vaccine should be available by the beginning of June.


The Ebola vaccine is still very risky Despite the vaccine being so risky, the WHO says that the vaccine remains the safest option for the United Nations to use to control the virus and combat its spread.

This is due to the fact it’s a combination of a protein and a small piece of a virus that has a 100 percent survival rate.

As a result, the vaccines work by targeting specific regions of the body, which makes them much more effective than any single vaccine.

In other words, if a person has the virus but has a healthy immune system, they should be protected from the virus at the same time that they’re being vaccinated.

In the case of the US, this means that it’s not clear whether the vaccine will work well in a population where it is already highly prevalent.


A new strain of Ebola is emerging The outbreak in West African nations is still not over, and is continuing to grow.

It’s a new strain called Zaire-West Africa-Ebola-1, and a recent report indicates that this new strain is emerging faster than other versions.

Zaire, a tropical nation located in Democratic Republic of the Congo, has been experiencing the highest number of cases and deaths.

The Zaire strain has been circulating in West Africans since late January.

This new strain was first reported in the Democratic Republic on January 14, and was reported on January 18.

Since then, it has continued to spread in West and Central Africa.

It has also reached parts of Europe, and in early March, it crossed the Atlantic Ocean and is now in the Americas.

The new strain has not yet been confirmed as a strain by WHO, but it’s possible that it could be a new variant of the Zaire virus.

In addition, the virus has also developed resistance to other types of vaccines that have been available for years.


Ebola is spreading at a rate of 1,500 deaths per day Despite the high death toll, the Ebola pandemic is still happening at a pace of 1.5 million deaths per week.

That’s an increase of about 100,000 deaths per month since the beginning.

The pace of the outbreak has also risen


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