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By now, you’ve probably heard the NFL is working on its own data system, but what exactly is that?

We caught up with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to get the scoop.

What is it?

It’s a digital media and analytics platform for the league that is expected to be ready for the 2019 season.

Goodell spoke with the Associated Press after his first day on the job.

He said that the league is looking at creating a data platform that would be used by the league, its teams, its players and its fans.

It would be a system that would allow the league to better engage with fans, with the fans and with the media.

The way we’ve always done it, it’s a little bit different, but it’s very similar to what we’re doing.

Goodell said that it would be an information platform, similar to Twitter or Facebook, that would enable the NFL to be more relevant to its fans and to engage with the communities that it serves.

The league is also looking at a social media platform.

Goodell noted that he was personally looking at it as well, but didn’t give a specific date for its launch.

The league has been using Twitter and Facebook for some time, and it has been working on a data-driven approach to its business.

Goodell says that the goal is to have a consistent and reliable source of data and data sets for the entire NFL.

But, he says, the league has yet to decide how to use Twitter and other platforms.

The company announced in July that it is launching its own analytics platform.

That platform will be called Twitter Data, and the company says that it will allow teams to track data from the game in real time.

That’s important because it will enable teams to plan for, and prepare for, future events.

Goodell didn’t say when that platform would launch, but said that he hopes to have it out by the end of the year.

Does the league plan to keep its existing analytics platforms?

Goodell said there’s no question that it’s going to have to continue to use some of the existing platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, in order to provide its audience with more information.

He noted that there are a lot of teams in the league and the teams have had some success using those platforms.

What does that mean?

Twitter has become one of the platforms that has helped the league deliver content to its millions of fans.

There’s a lot more content that the fans consume, so that will be important to keep that in place.

Instagram has been successful for a number of reasons, but Goodell said he was looking at Instagram in terms of how we can continue to help fans engage with that content.

The NFL is also building a new platform that will allow fans to share content on a variety of social media platforms, and Goodell said the league wants to do that for all fans.

But, there are some other platforms that the NFL doesn’t want to have.

Goodell is also not ready to say when the league will launch its own app, but he did say that the company plans to use social media to provide fans with more and better information.

There are a couple of different ways to use it, but we think we’ll be able to get there.

We also want to make sure that it can be easily integrated with other platforms so fans don’t have to download separate apps.

What else is happening?

Goodell didn, in fact, get a bit technical about the specifics of the data platform.

The technology is not going to be built entirely from scratch.

He’s going through the entire process of creating the platform.

And he’s working with the teams on a platform that’s going in, which will be built in a way that will enable us to better understand the fan base, the fan engagement.

He also spoke about the role of technology in improving the league.

He emphasized that he’s confident in the technology that we’re putting in place, and that it was something that the commissioner has been talking about for a while.

Goodell also talked about how the technology has improved the fan experience for some fans, including the ones that have been playing the game on social media.

He says that that has been a huge positive for fans.

Does it make sense?

Goodell says he is confident that the technology will allow for the future of the NFL.

He told the AP that he has no plans to shut down social media altogether, and he said that fans will still be able communicate with each other on social platforms.

He thinks the platform will help bring new fans into the league as well.

He also told the Associated AP that the data will be used in ways that will make it easier for the NFL and the players to communicate and share information.

The NFL has been looking at ways to improve its social media presence, and its data will help to make that possible.


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